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“2014 Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays” – Plays #8 & #7


During this month, every weekend is full of Holiday Parties, and this year, the ASU Devils Den happily and merrily brings back its “Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays”. These are the top 12 plays from the Arizona State season that you can enjoy talking about over delicious holiday cocktails with friends and family. The “Holiday Party 12 Pack of Plays” will count down from Play #12 to our Play #1 as voted on by the ASU Devils Den team.


Play #12 – Brown’s One Handed Interception
Play #11 – Smallwood’s Strip Sack
Play #10 – Deandre Scott’s Forced Fumble
Play #9 – Randall Interception Return Touchdown

Two plays today as both come from senior defensive lineman Marcus Hardison.

Play #8

2014’s Holiday Party 12 pack of Plays: Play #8 starts at 0:26 in the following video:

In Notre Dame’s first offensive play after Jaelen Strong’s touchdown, defensive lineman Demetrius Cherry got his arms up in the throwing lane and deflecting the pass up into the air. Hardison, who was rushing into the middle of the offensive line, turned and athletically out jumped everybody to secure the interception for the Sun Devils. The athletic interceptions from the 300 pound defensive lineman was Golson’s second turnover in 30 seconds of game time.

Play #7

With the Arizona State Sun Devils offense sputtering on Senior Day, the Sun Devil defense needed to make some plays to stay in the game. With 4:45 left in the second quarter, the Sun Devils were down 21-7. The Sun Devils offensive finally got a spark from Taylor Kelly and Cameron Smith connected on a 42 yard touchdown to draw the Sun Devils within seven points with 3:12 left on the clock. Washington State received the ball, and on the first play of their drive, Marcus Hardison made our 2014’s Holiday Party 12 pack of Plays: Play #7.

Animation Credit: StatePress

Toward the end of the season, Hardison showed tremendous situational awareness on the field. Hardison was not going to make a play in the backfield, so he kept his eyes on the quarterback, got up into the passing lane, and grabbed an interception. This turnover took the wind out of the Pirate’s Wazzu Cougars sails, and the Sun Devils responded with a touchdown to the tie the game at 21.

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