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2015 ASU Recruiting Update #1


During a college football bye week, the coaching staff hits the road to high schools across the nation to continue its fall 2015 prospect evaluations. With less than four months until National Signing Day, it is important to examine the current state of the Arizona State Sun Devil 2015 recruiting class and how the class fits into the current Sun Devil football roster by class. Currently, thirteen high school seniors have reportedly committed verbally to the Sun Devil coaching staff. Additionally, reports earlier this year stated two greyshirts would join the program in January 2015 as members of this class. The term “grayshirts” is used for 2014 prospects who delayed their college enrollment to join as a member of the 2015 class. The current 2015 recruiting class is as follows:

  • Quarterback Bryce Perkins
  • Quarterback Brady White
  • Running Back Morie Evans
  • Wide Receiver Alfred “Tarzan” Smith
  • Tight End Raymond Epps
  • Tight End Tommy Hudson
  • Tight End Jaason Lewis
  • Offensive Lineman Cade Cote
  • Offensive Lineman Steve Miller
  • Offensive Lineman Mason Walter
  • Defensive Lineman Jalen Bates
  • Linebacker Nick Ralston
  • Linebacker Malik Lawal
  • Linebacker Santana Sterling (Grayshirt)
  • Defensive Back Jordan Thomas (Grayshirt)

The 2015 class is currently headlined by four star recruits White and Lewis. Similar to last year’s recruiting class, all of these high school prospects already interact with each other on twitter and support the Sun Devils on game days. Additionally, according to their personal twitter accounts, White and Ralston have signed their scholarship paperwork and they are preparing to enroll at Arizona State University early. The class as a whole does not include any defensive linemen so far, but the coaching staff might be very selective at this position as the 2014 class was heavy on defensive linemen as seen in the Sun Devil roster by class.

The maximum size of a signing class is 25 prospects, and this class is expected to finish close to that number as it grows over the next four months. Overall, the Arizona State football program is bounded by the NCAA Scholarship Limit of 85 scholarship players. Speculating how the 2015 signing day class could finish out starts with an assumed scholarship distribution as follows:

  • 40 offensive players
  • 40 defensive players
  • 3 special teams
  • 2 flex spots which could be a yearly scholarship awarded to a walk-on

The defensive scholarships could be broken down to:

  • 12 Defensive Linemen
  • 12 Linebackers
  • 8 Cornerbacks
  • 8 Safeties

Examining the current Sun Devil football roster by class, the 2015 class could add one defensive linemen, one inside linebacker, two cornerbacks, and one safety. The cornerback position is probably the most critical position to find several elite high school players. From the major recruiting services, Arizona State has offered several junior college defensive linemen who could add depth to a very young unit.

Similarly, the offensive scholarships could be broken down to:

  • 14 offensive linemen
  • 10 wide receivers
  • 6 tight ends
  • 6 running backs
  • 4 quarterbacks

Again, examining the current Sun Devil football roster by class, the 2015 class could add one offensive lineman, one wide receiver, and one running back. The tight end and quarterback position appear full. The one offensive lineman could be an elite junior college offensive tackle as the Sun Devils will lose both starting tackles Jamil Douglas and Tyler Sulka after this season. The junior college offensive tackle could pair with Evan Goodman to start in 2015 which gives the young linemen in the group time to develop.

From a big picture perspective looking at the program positional breakdown, ten players could be added to this class to fill it out across the entire program which leaves two scholarships for elite players at any position. For example, Arizona State would take both elite wide receiver prospects Christian Kirk and Trent Irwin even though the above analysis mentioned a single addition to the wide receiver group.

The numbers above are simply speculated values and most likely, the true amount of players at a position is probably a small range. For example, some defensive linemen are used as devil linebackers and some safeties are used as spur linebackers. The estimated numbers above were used to simply see what positions the coaching staff could be targeting to help close the recruiting class.

The home Notre Dame game will see many key 2015 official and unofficial visitors as well as unofficial visitors from future classes in attendence. Also, the final weekends of January, as Signing Day approaches, will be huge official visit weekends. Another elite 2015 prospect, Osa Masina, just set his official visit:

With the amount of official and unofficial visits and with the coaching staff watching high school football on the bye weekends, recruiting activity is definitely picking up. The 2015 Arizona State Sun Devil recruiting class has a strong foundation of players with many highly ranked prospects targeted to close the class out.

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Don Hansen

Don is a 2003 graduate of Arizona State University where he spent four years sitting in the front rows of many ASU athletic events leading the rowdy student section. Now, Don co-hosts the "ASU Devils Den" podcast covering every detail of ASU football. Don works and resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his beautiful Sun Devil wife and their two beautiful daughters!

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