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It’s certainly a great time to be a fan of college football in the state of Arizona.  Between the red hot starts of both ASU and U of A the bandwagon can barely take on any more passengers.  Well, I guess there are still those sour puss Pitt fans out there, but we’ll just let them enjoy their first season under coach Chryst and pine away.

The fact of the matter is ASU just avenged a very tough loss last year.  In 2011 the contest cost ASU fans healthy season from Cameron Marshall, Junior Onyeali, and Evan Finkenberg.  But last Saturday things were different.  Hell the first two games overall have been completely different if you’ve watched ASU for the past decade as the team has looked prepared, mentally and physically for the opening kickoff, and it has continued throughout the entirety of both the NAU and Illinois game.  You can call it small sample size, but the fact of the matter is that the days of multiple personal fouls in a game, let alone a quarter are gone.  And for this fan, that is a really nice thing to count on.

While we aren’t bombing the ball down field to guys like Derek Hagan and Shaun McDonald like the days under Dirk Koetter, or watching the dazzling returns and open field ability of a J.R. Redmond supporting a gunslinger like Jake the Snake, this is a new day.  I don’t know if that will translate to a Rose Bowl any time soon, but what I do know is that we aren’t being mocked by media pundits every Saturday night during the highlights and that stands for something.

What this episode stands for, well, I can tell you what Don and I talk about, as I really don’t know what it exactly stands for.  We preview in great detail the upcoming Missouri game.  A game our good buddy The Daddy will be attending.  We’ll tell you why they could win and how, and why the may not, and it shouldn’t surprise you.

We’ll go back and talk about the week 2 win over the Fighting Illini and what that means for the program right now.  Not to mention the setbacks that took place upon getting there (hello Carlos Mendoza).

Great band of the week out of the Bay Area, not to mention a very interesting what we’re drinking segment.  Episode 39 available now!

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