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Short and sweet this week as Don and I put in one of our shorter podcasts of the season.  With that said it was great to see the Devils getting back to doing what they do best this past week.  Running the ball and playing aggressive defense has been part of each of their six wins so far in 2012 and it sure would be great to see more of that this Friday night when the Devils take on the Cats for the 85th edition of the Territorial Cup.  You’ll hear from Tracy McDannald in this episode who was one of the first people I had heard say that RichRod and his team really had a chance to shock some people with the potential of the offense that had come together during his Spring and Fall camp.  Fast forward three months and you know have one of THE best offenses in the country.  They’ll face a defense that is similar in structure and scheme to the one they go up against every week in practice which will put a lot of pressure on ASU Defensive Coordinator Paul Randolph to dial up some new blitzes out of different looks.  That’s just one of the many sub plots in this Duel in the Desert, a game we always look forward to watching regardless of either teams record come the end of November.  Don and I wish you all a safe Thanksgiving and some much needed time off from it all and we look forward to breaking the weeks action down with you next week for Episode 50!

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