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Episode 110 

Band of the Week: Dangermaker


Episode 109 

Band of the Week: Cory Branan


Episode 108 

Band of the Week: 6 String Drag


Episode 107 (Chris Karpman

Band of the Week: VEX


Episode 106 

Band of the Week: Murder by Death


Episode 105 

Band of the Week: Palm Trees and Power Lines


Episode 104 (Devils Den Deliberations)

Band of the Week: 3PM


Episode 103 

Band of the Week: Corvus


Episode 102 (Matt Moreno –,  Jared Cooper with De’Marieya Nelson)

Band of the Week: RAC


Episode 101 (Jacob Thorpe –, Jared Cooper with Mo Latu)

Band of the Week: Whitney Morgan and the 78’s


Episode 100 (Angie Machado –, Jared Cooper with Demario Richard)

Band of the Week: The Black Moods


Episode 99 (Guests: Eric Hansen –, Jared Cooper with Marcus Hardison)

Band of the Week: Burn this for a Friend


Episode 98 (Guests: Ryan Miller –, Jared Cooper with Chris Ball)

Band of the Week: Moovalya


Episode 97 (Guests: Chris Fetters –, Jared Cooper with Chris Thomsen)

Band of the Week: In the Wale


Episode 96 (Guests: Andy Drukarev –, Jared Cooper with Bo Graham)

Band of the Week: Shudder


Episode 95 (Guests: Dan Weber, Rocky Harris ASU Assistant Athletic Director, Jared Cooper with DelVaughn Alexander)

Band of the Week: Shorty Kreutz


Episode 94 (Guests: Dan Weber, Jared Cooper with Kalen Ballage)

Band of the Week: Maggie Bjorkland


Episode 93 (Guests: Greg Burcham, Jared Cooper with Damarious Randall)

Band of the Week: Man the Mighty


Episode 92 Band of the Week : Luke Winslow-King


Episode 91 (Guest: Adam Munsterteiger

Band of the Week: Pat Roberts and the Heymakers


Episode 90 (Guests: Jay Nielsen Moustache Nation, Jared Cooper with DJ Calhoun, Alissa Pierson ASUAA)

Band of the Week: Scott’s Run


Episode 89 (Guest: Chris Karpman

Band of the Week: D-Bo


Episode 88 (Guests: Chris Fetters, Dan Weber, Matt Moreno

Band of the Week: Chemicals of Democracy


Episode 87 (Guests: Andy Drukarev, Ryan Miller, Jacob Thorpe

Band of the Week: Riffhanger


Episode 86 (Guest: Adam Munsterteiger, Angie Machado, Greg Burcham

Band of the Week: Fallen State


Episode 85 (Guest: Shawn Griswold)

Band of the Week: Voodoo Swing


Episode 84 (Guest: Pete Romito of

Band: Swim Thru Frequencies


Episode 83 (Guest: Anne Ryman of

Band of the week: Dan Hubbard and the Humadors


Episode 82 (Guests: ASU Assistant Athletics Director for Recruiting Patrick Suddes / Recruiting Analyst Kevin Stewart)

Band: Lexi Shanley


Episode 81 (Guest: Chris Karpman

Band: Bobby Bare Jr.


Episode 80

Band: Dex Romweber Duo


Episode 79

Band: Connibal Road


Episode 78 (Guest: Devils Den interns)

Band: The Bottle Rockets


Episode 77  (Guest: Aaron Dickenson

Band: Sono Vero


Episode 76 (Guest: Josh Hubner)

Band: Dangermaker


Episode 75 (Guest: Tracy McDannald

Band: Beasto Blanco


Episode 74 (Guest: Greg Burcham

Band: Lydia Loveless


Episode 73  (Guest: Angie Machado

Band: Michael Dermot


Episode 72     (Guest: Chad Mobley

Band:     The Saving Pointe


Episode 71    (Guest: Robin Dich Cougar College Radio)

Band:     Maiden Dixie


Episode 70     (Guest: Chris Karpman

Band:     JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound


Episode 69    (Guest: Chris Fetters of

Band:     Giant Cloud


Episode 68     (Guest: Jon Woods

Band:    Brass Bed


Episode 67   (Guest:  Eric Hansen

Band:    Ha Ha Tonka


Episode 66    (Guest:  Ryan Abraham

Band:    Roger Knox and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts


Episode 65

Band:    Grounders


Episode 64    (Guest:  Mike Fiammetta /

Band:    Robbie Fulks


Episode 63    (Guest:  Chris Karpman /

Band:    Barrence Whitfield and The Savages


Episode 62    (Guests:  Tracy McDannald / & Chad Mobley /

Band:   AM & Shawn Lee


Episode 61    (Guest:  Jon Woods / & Ryan Abraham /

Band:   The Wolf-Face


Episode 60    (Guest:  Dave Campbell / / Greg Burcham /

Band:         Pretty Mouth


Episode 59    (Guest:  Rudy Carpenter)

Band:         Broncho


Episode 58    (Guest:  Shane Dale / author of Territorial)

Band:          Eddie Spaghetti


Episode 57    (Guest:  Kevin Stewart / &

Band:         Pull the Anchors


Episode 56    (Guest:   Dave Campbell /

Band:         Luke Winslow-King


Episode 55    (Guest:  Shaun Alex Bainbridge)

Band:         The Secrets We Keep


Episode 54    (Guest:  Dave Campbell /

Band:         Eclipses for Eyes

Don Beer:          Sleepy Dog “Yellow #1”

Rob Beer:          Minhas Craft Brewery “Boatswain Chocolate Stout”


Episode 53   (Guest:  Chris Karpman /

Band:         Valley Sun

Don Beer:          SanTan Brewing Company “Sex Panther”

Rob Beer:          ODell Brewing Company “Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout”


Episode 52

Band:         The Teeth

Phil Beer: Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale

Rob Beer: Dry Dock Brewing Company “Vanilla Porter”


Episode 51

Band:         Cory Branan

Don Beer:          Big Sky Brewing’s “Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout”

Rob Beer:          Ska Brewing Company “ESB Ale”


Episode 50

Band:         Deleted Scenes

Don Beer:           San Tan Brewing Company “Rail Slide”

Rob Beer:           Anderson Valley Brewing Company “Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale”


Episode 49  (Guest:  Tracy McDannald /

Band:         Le Vice

Don Beer:           Samuel Adams “Winter Lager”

Rob Beer:           New Belgium Brewing Company Lips of Faith “Coffee Chocolate Stout”


Episode 48   (Guest:  Christian Caple / The Spokesman-Review)

Band:         Sleepwalker

Don Beer:            Samuel Adams “Holiday Porter”

Rob Beer:            Steamworks Brewing Co. “Colorado Kolsch”


Episode 47    (Guest:  Ryan Abraham /

Band:         He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

Don Beer:            Papago Brewing Company “Elsie’s Irish Coffee Milk Stout”

Rob Beer:            Heineken


Episode 46    (Guest:  Angie Machado /

Band:         Guy Fox

Don Beer:            Sleepy Dog Wet Snout Milk Stout

Rob Beer:            North Coast Brewing Company “Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout”


Episode 45  (Guest:  Greg Burcham /

Band:         Jon Goodhue

Phil Beer:            Mudshark Brewing Company “Belgian White”

Rob Beer:            Lagunitas Brewing Company “A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale”


Episode 44  (Guest:  Kurt Liedtke)

Band:         Murder by Death

Don Beer:            Maui Brewing Company “Bikini Blonde Lager”

Rob Beer:            Elysian “Pumpkin Porter”


Episode 43  (Guest:  Jon Woods /

Band:         The Chaw

Don Beer:            Yuengling

Rob Beer:            Bristol Brewing Co. “Winter Warlock Oatmeal Stout”


Episode 42  (Guest:  Chris Karpman /

Band:         The Damn Truth

Don Beer:            Four Peaks Brewing Company “Pumpkin Porter”

Rob Beer:            Pateros Creek Brewing Company “Cache La Porter”


Episode 41

Band:         Justin Townes Earle

Don Beer:            Singha

Rob Beer:            Shipyard Brewing Company “Pumpkinhead”


Episode 40

Band:         Firewater

Don Beer:            Flat Branch Brewery “Oil Change Oatmeal Stout”

Rob Beer:            None . . . sadly, Rob worked an insane amount this week and did not consume a Beer of the Week


Episode 39

Band:         Excuses for Skipping

Don Beer:            Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Rob Beer:            Stoli Sticki (It’s not beer, it’s honey vodka)


Episode 38

Band:         Shred Kelly

Don Beer:            Kona Brewing Company “Longboard Island Lager”

Rob Beer:            Santa Fe Brewing Company “Nut Brown Ale”


Episode 37

Band:         RadioDriveBy

Don Beer:            Rogue “Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale”

Rob Beer:            New Belgium “Shift Pale Ale”


Episode 36

Band:         Empress Hotel

Don Beer:            Shiner “Bohemian Black Lager”

Rob Beer:            New Belgium “Dunkelweiss”


Episode 35

Band:         Scott H. Biram

Don Beer:            Sleepy Dog “Red Rover Irish Red Ale”

Rob Beer:            Upslope Brown Ale


Episode 34

Band:         Honey Gitters

Don Beer:            San Tan Brewery “Count Hopula Blood Red Imperial I.P.A.”

Rob Beer:            Sprecher Special Amber Vienna Lager


Episode 33

Band:         Disastroid

Don Beer:            Nimbus Oatmeal Stout

Rob Beer:            Avery “Ellie’s Brown Ale”


Episode 32

Band:         Floating Action

Don Beer:            Sonoran Brewing Company “Inebriator Stout”

Rob Beer:            Samoa Vailima Lager


Episode 31

Band:         Trichome

Don Beer:           Phoenix Ale Brewery “Fretzy’s Unfiltered Ale”

Rob Beer:           Birra Moretti “La Rossa”

Phil Beer:           Deschutes Brewery “Chainbreaker White IPA”


Episode 30

Band:         The Pharmacy

Don Beer:           Underworld Brewing “Chocolate Stout”

Rob Beer:           Leinenkugel’s “Sunny Shandy”


Episode 29

Band:         Post Paradise

Don Beer:           Sonoran Brewing Company “White Chocolate Ale”

Rob Beer:           New Belgium Brewing Company “Trip”


Episode 28

Band:         Musketeer Gripweed

Don Beer:           Dominion “Oak Barrel Stout”

Rob Beer:           Yuengling Lager


Episode 27

Band:         C.T.S. – Consider the Source

Don Beer:          Odell Brewing Company “Cutthroat Porter”

Rob Beer:          Oskar Blues Brewing “Old Chub Scotch Ale”


Episode 26

Band:         Midnight Vitals

Don Beer:          Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Biere de Mars”


Episode 25

Band:         The Saving Pointe

Don Beer:          Primo

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Dig”


Episode 24

Band:         Point Proven

Don Beer:          Lost Coast Brewery “8 Ball Stout”

Rob Beer:          Santa Fe Brewing Company “Imperial Java Stout”


Episode 23

Band:         Hetfield and Hetfield

Don Beer:          Breckenridge Brewery “Vanilla Porter”

Rob Beer:          Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nector


Episode 22

Band:         Weatherbox

Don Beer:          Kona Brewing Company “Fire Rock Pale Ale”

Rob Beer:          Ft. Collins Brewing Company “1900 Amber”


Episode 21

Band:         300 pounds

Don Beer:          Breckenridge Brewery “Christmas Ale”

Rob Beer:          Left Hand Brewing Company “Milk Stout Nitro”


Episode 20

Band:         Dan Hubbard and the Humadors

Don Beer:          Lump of Coal Holiday Stout

Rob Beer:          Titos Vodka mixed with Ginger Beer for a “Moscow Mule”


Episode 19

Band:         Roosevelt Radio

Don Beer:          Ska Brewing Company “Pin Stripe Red Ale”

Rob Beer:          Stella Artois


Episode 18

Band:         Dangermaker

Don Beer:          Sweetwater Tavern’s “Black Stallion Oatmeal Stout”

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Prickly Passion Saison”


Episode 17

Band:         Little Gold

Don Beer:          Pabst Blue Ribbon

Rob Beer:          Horny Goat Brewing Company “Berry Horny” and “Horny Blonde”


Episode 16

Band:         Lazertag

Don Beer:          Sun Up Brewing Company “Armadillo Red Ale”

Rob Beer:          Classy Red Wine (WTF?!)


Episode 15

Band:         The Downer Party

Don Beer:          San Tan Brewery “12 Daze”

Rob Beer:          Victoria


Episode 14

Band:         Better Chemistry

Don Beer:          Yuengling

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Snow Day”


Episode 13

Band:         Scott Gagne

Don Beer:          Lakefront Brewery “Pumpkin Lager”

Rob Beer:          Bristol Brewing Company “Mass Transit Ale”


Episode 12

Band:         Blank Tapes

Don Beer:          Kona Brewing Company “Pipeline Porter”

Rob Beer:          Red Stagg Jim Beam


Episode 11

Band:         Le Vice

Don Beer:          Deschutes “Obsidien Stout”

Rob Beer:          Buffalo Bills Brewery “Americas Original Pumpkin Ale”


Episode 10

Band:         Hector Anchando

Don Beer:          Anderson Valley Brewing Company “Hop Ottin IPA”

Rob Beer:          Sweetwater Brewing Company “420 Extra Pale Ale”


Episode 9

Band:           Cannons and Clouds

Don Beer:          Water . . .Really Don?! C’mon MAN!

Rob Beer:          Big Horn Brewing Company “Butt Face Ale”


Episode 8

Band:           Psychostick

Don Beer:          Four Peaks “Kiltlifter”

Rob Beer:          Del Norte Brewing Company “Orale”


Episode 7

Band:           Weatherhouse

Don Beer:          Indian Wells “Silver Sun Pale Lager”

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Abbey Grand Cru”


Episode 6

Band:           Cast Iron Crow

Don Beer:          Wasatch Brewery “White Label White Ale”

Rob Beer:          Abita “Pecan Harvest”


Episode 5

Band:           Some Strange Machines

Don Beer:          Coors Lite

Rob Beer:          Not a beer . . . just Espresso with Sambuca


Episode 4

Band:           JP Hodge and the Dirt Boys

Don Beer:          Big Sky Brewing Company “Moose Drool”

Rob Beer:          No beer . . . just Gatorade due to recording at 2am


Episode 3

Band:           Eat This McKinley

Don Beer:          Grand Canyon Brewing Company “American Pilsner”

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Kick” and “Clutch”


Episode 2

Band:           Backyard Tire Fire

Don Beer:          Maui Brewing Company “CoCoNut Porter”

Rob Beer:          Left Hand Brewing Company “Sawtooth Ale”


Episode 1

Band:           Gift of Destiny

Don Beer:          San Tan Brewery “Devil’s Ale”

Rob Beer:          New Belgium Brewing Company “Frambozen”