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Blast from the Stands: Homecoming


Picture this: You’re sitting in a McDonald’s, waiting thirty minutes for your greasy chicken nuggets.  There are about 80 more people inside than the fire marshal wants.  It’s 12:30am, and you are over 300 miles from home with no way to get back.  You don’t want to step outside the McDonald’s because you might get robbed.  Worse, your team has just been demolished.

Sound fun? That was my last experience at the Coliseum.

Granted, most of that was just unhappy coincidence.  The game was so (relatively) short that the bus drivers had to sleep longer before they were legally allowed to drive back to Tempe. But they didn’t warn anyone beforehand, so there was a solid two hours where we genuinely had no idea how we were getting back to Arizona.  Looking back, it was almost fun – a good story, at least.  My friends and I still laugh about the time we were “stranded” in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Photo by Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times

Oddly enough, that was the best experience I’ve had at the Coliseum.  The other two times were the game where we left early and missed the Jael Mary, and the game where I have my earliest memories of hearing profanities.

Now, moving along to the present.  In the last two weeks the Sun Devils defense has decided that it wants to be good, and suddenly the Homecoming game against USC has become huge.

So let’s talk about some Southern California hatin’.  More specifically, why I (and a lot of fans) cannot stand USC.  For anyone who grew up in or near Southern California, you’ll know that there are exactly two types of people: those who love USC, and those who hate them.  Even from a young age, I learned to roll my eyes when someone came up to me in a red shirt and flashed the peace sign so close to my face that their fingers almost went up my nose.

However, there’s one thing in particular that bothers me about USC.  Well, two if you count the band.  Please you guys, please learn a new song.

Photo courtesy SF Weekly

My real issue with USC is that there is an absurd amount of people who have no connection to the school but are fans anyway.  It’s easy to see why, LA doesn’t have an NFL team (or at least they didn’t until recently).  It’s the same reason my mom refuses to root for the Cardinals, they took some of the fan base away from ASU.  So with no NFL team to draw fans, everyone instead hops on the Trojan bandwagon.  It’s maddening that the majority of the Trojans craziest fans are those that have zero ties to the school.

In terms of USC’s relationship with ASU, there is an extensive amount of animosity despite USC not being the Sun Devils primary rival. The recruiting battle is obviously an issue, and there are lots of Californians (and Arizonans) along with myself who have strong feelings towards USC either way.

At the beginning of the season, I thought it was a really bad idea to host SC for Homecoming. Now that it might be our most important game left in the season, it’s genius. The Inferno has been very full (at least as far as I can see from the bottom of the South side) and should be the same this week. The home field advantage for ASU is everything, and the Sun Devils are going to need it.

So put on your maroon (not red) or gold (not yellow) shirt and stripe the stadium! I hope that everyone plays their part and it looks amazing.  However, I do know from experience what a challenge it can be to get everyone to wear the same color (just ask the guy standing behind me who wore white to the blackout….sigh).

Oh, and by the way: Yes, sorority girl, I know gold doesn’t look good on you. But here’s a little secret: it doesn’t really look good on anyone.  But you know who it does look good on? Everyone in sections one through three, 6 through 8, 11 through 13, twenty-six, 29 through 31, 34 through 36, and 40 through 42.  And for those of you in the upper deck; 304 through 306 and 240 through 244.

You know what else could look good in Sun Devil Stadium on Saturday night?  This.

Photo courtesy Fox Sports


About Jenna Brooks

Jenna Brooks

Jenna Brooks is an ASU junior studying Secondary English Education and is a student in Barrett, the Honors College on the Tempe campus. She is from Ladera Ranch, California and grew up in a family of Sun Devils. On campus, she is involved with the ASU Dancing Devils, the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Council, Hope Church, and is a staff member at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. She’s passionate about ASU football and is excited to be contributing to the Devils Den.

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