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Coop’s Corner: The Friendly Giant


His size might be intimidating to defensive players but once that smile cracks and you see his pearly whites, you realize that Gary Chambers is your friendly giant.

Standing at six-feet-four-inches, Chambers is a tall, athletic wide receiver. He was recruited out of Ironwood High School in Glendale, Ariz. by Arizona State and other programs, including San Diego State. What led to Chambers’ decision to come to ASU, he says, was the success of former Sun Devils and that he would play close to home.

For Gary, deciding be a Sun Devil was never an easy decision but for other recruits in the future, Chambers said, “ASU football is growing every day and we are going to continue that. Anyone that’s around that’s willing to jump on the bandwagon and come help, we’ll take you with open arms.”

Coming into his fourth year as a redshirt junior, Chambers has seen limited action in previous years, only appearing in eight games in his Sun Devil career. Not only does he provide depth to an area which is led by Jaelen Strong, but he brings a great attitude each and every day, on and off the field.

DelVaughn Alexander, Arizona State’s wide receivers coach, has said previously that Chambers is continuing to take steps in the right direction. Furthermore, Alexander has said that the starting wide receiver has become more physical and has started to read and anticipate the defense better.

Similar to any other job, it takes time to work your way up through the ranks. While working on the scout and special teams squads over the past couple years, Chambers said that his teammates, coaches, family, and friends were the ones who kept him motivated.Sept. 4, 2014 - Gary Chambers (81) catches a ball in practice Thursday morning at the Dickey Dome in Tempe, Ariz. Photo by Jared Cooper.

In his first collegiate start last week against Weber State, a special moment occurred for Gary. In the first quarter, Chambers caught a pass from quarterback Taylor Kelly that led to his first receiving touchdown of his career.  “I was just trying to do my job on the play and I ended up in the end zone,” said Chambers. “I didn’t even realize it at first.”

Now that he has had some time to reflect, Gary added, “It was a special moment for me. One I will never forget.”

With much more of his ASU football career to come, Chambers takes a general outlook to his performance. “My goal is to go out there, make no mistakes, and go play the game.”

If any player is a great illustration of how patience is a virtue and that hard works pays off, look no further, up in some cases, than Gary Chambers.

About Jared Cooper

Jared Cooper

Jared is an Intern this season for ASU Devils Den. He is a senior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications studying Broadcast Journalism with a focus in sports broadcasting. In addition to interning at ASU Devils Den, he works in the Marketing Department for the Phoenix Suns. Jared is a former Sparky the Sun Devil, ASU's mascot, from 2011 to 2013.

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