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Monday Morning Twitter Pages: Colorado Edition


The end of days are near.  No, we’re not talking about the outlook for Sun Devil football or the future of Todd Graham roaming the sidelines in Tempe.  This little social experiment that plays out in front of us all every Saturday, from morning until late at night is getting closer to reaching its final destination.  While it definitely will not be the first weekend to be labeled as such, week seven was looked at as separation Saturday by the talking heads on TV.  The march towards the College Football Playoff is beginning to hit full stride now, as the next five weeks will be sure to keep us all on the edge of our couches.

Turning an eye to Tempe and our beloved cardiac Sun Devils, no defibrillator paddles were needed in week seven.  In a game that saw the opening line favor the Buffaloes by as many as 13 points, the Devils were over-matched from the opening drive.  While no coach will ever point to injuries as an excuse for poor play on the field, the Devils traveled to Boulder as a M.A.S.H. unit on both sides of the ball.  The flow of the game was also hindered by the return of missed tackles by the bunches, several blown coverages, and the failure of both sets of big bodies on the line to create any holes or pressure.

In summary, the Sun Devils looked just like an inexperienced team picked to finish in the bottom half of the conference in several preseason polls is expected to look.  Sure, ASU football had never lost to Colorado, but the previous six weeks of play by both teams should have kept in check even the most kool-aid drinking of fans.  The Devils record of 5-2 is much better than most had predicted and better than many teams across the country.  Looking ahead, the Devils will most likely not be favored in any of their remaining five games, even the two that will be played at Sun Devil Stadium.  Yes, just five games remaining until your Saturdays are void of Sun Devil football.  So don’t be the ‘Debbie Downer’ fan that doesn’t fully realize what we all have until it’s gone.  Continue to stay positive, enjoy watching your team play, and relish the time spent with friends and family at pre or post game events.

Now that we are done with that, let us step off our soap box just in time to get you this week’s rousing rendition of Twitter Pages!












About Kevin Camp

Kevin Camp

Kevin is a '96 Sun Devil grad of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Contrary to his last name, Kevin is not one to stay in one place too long. Kevin has called Washington, Arizona, Utah, and again Arizona home since his days at ASU nearly 20 years ago. A passion for photography in his spare time turned to a great opportunity to shoot Sun Devil sporting events. He has photographed Sun Devils football at Camp T, Tempe practices, Utah, and Colorado while shooting some basketball and baseball as the teams visited Utah. Now that Kevin resides in Flagstaff, he is looking forward to reigniting the family tradition of Camp T with his wife and son. Kevin is also the VP of the ASU Alumni Association Flagstaff club.

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