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Monday Morning Twitter Pages Notre Dame Edition


The ability to provide instant information has taken over society, and Twitter has truly helped sports fans stay in touch with their teams. For this podcast, it provides another way to communicate with Sun Devils around the world. This week begins our Monday Morning Twitter Pages. Why not start something new after the nationally recognized defensive beat down of Notre Dame?

Enjoy reading some of our favorite tweets from the weekend.


Game Notes

Don calls it the “We Will Happily Do Up Downs Tomorrow Coach” Dance!

Celebrity Entertainment


If you don’t know, @pontifex is the official Twitter account of “His Holiness Pope Francis” and there still has not been an official response on Twitter . . .

Alumni Pages

A simple, yet beautiful and emotional tweet to conclude this edition:

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About Don Hansen

Don Hansen

Don is a 2003 graduate of Arizona State University where he spent four years sitting in the front rows of many ASU athletic events leading the rowdy student section. Now, Don co-hosts the "ASU Devils Den" podcast covering every detail of ASU football. Don works and resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his beautiful Sun Devil wife and their two beautiful daughters!

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