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Monday Morning Twitter Pages: USC Edition


In the immortal words of Dennis Green, “They are who we thought they were.”  Now, depending on your outlook, this phrase can be applied to either USC or the Sun Devils after Saturday night.  The Trojans looked everything like the CFB playoff contender that they were anointed in the preseason.  On the other hand, Sun Devil fans everywhere sheepishly accepted the hype that the team earned after the previous two weeks.  At the end of a long Saturday night in Tempe, preseason predictions prevailed over college football chaos.

Speaking of chaos, the first ‘stripe out’ wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t match the successful execution at schools located east of the Mississippi.  Unfortunately, fan apathy, or low affinity still lingers in Tempe.  One has to wonder what it will take to get the fans to fully show their unwavering support behind ASU.  If a rush the field, upset win over a top five team can’t do it.  Or a lunch box effort in a dominating win on the road didn’t do it.  There’s got to be more to it other than lining all the seats with free shirts of the correct colors.

Eight games are in the books with only four more remaining.  Despite the emotional rollercoaster this season has proved to be, the Sun Devils are closer to being who fans want them to be, and not what they were thought to be.  Just two of the four remaining games are at Sun Devil Stadium.  Then, for another nine months, college football will be absent in Tempe.

Monday morning can only mean one thing, and it’s time to get it on.  These tweets “are who we thought they are”, and that’s why they are here.  Let’s crown their asses now in the Southern California Edition of Monday Morning Twitter pages.




About Kevin Camp

Kevin Camp

Kevin is a '96 Sun Devil grad of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Contrary to his last name, Kevin is not one to stay in one place too long. Kevin has called Washington, Arizona, Utah, and again Arizona home since his days at ASU nearly 20 years ago. A passion for photography in his spare time turned to a great opportunity to shoot Sun Devil sporting events. He has photographed Sun Devils football at Camp T, Tempe practices, Utah, and Colorado while shooting some basketball and baseball as the teams visited Utah. Now that Kevin resides in Flagstaff, he is looking forward to reigniting the family tradition of Camp T with his wife and son. Kevin is also the VP of the ASU Alumni Association Flagstaff club.

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