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Monday Morning Twitter Pages: Washington Edition


There wasn’t a full moon to make this October’s Friday the 13th any different from a normal day.  But in the world of college football, Friday the 13th was the beginning of playoff dreams turning into nightmare losses.  Usually, there are upsets every week of some kind in college football.  But on Friday night, two top 10 teams would fall to their underdog opponents.  With a stale slate of games on Saturday, the shock from number 2 and 8 losing on the same night was front and center.

But let’s get to what really matters on this fine Monday morning.  For the first time since 1996, and for only the fourth time in the program’s history, the Sun Devils beat a top 5 ranked team.  Sparky put a shock collar on the Huskies, and took control of the entire game.  Everything about what transpired at Sun Devil Stadium on Saturday is why we all love college football. The atmosphere, the players, the coaches, and the cheerleaders were all amazing.  And the icing on the cake?  All of it was broadcasted nationally via ESPN for the entire nation to see.  #PAC12AfterDark didn’t happen to the Sun Devils, the Sun Devils were #PAC12AfterDark.

A game like Saturday can make that Monday morning commute a bit more welcomed, and that first sip of workplace coffee taste just a bit better.  So lets get weird and keep that devilish grin going with your Monday Morning Twitter Pages: Washington Edition (extra large version).




About Kevin Camp

Kevin Camp

Kevin is a '96 Sun Devil grad of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Contrary to his last name, Kevin is not one to stay in one place too long. Kevin has called Washington, Arizona, Utah, and again Arizona home since his days at ASU nearly 20 years ago. A passion for photography in his spare time turned to a great opportunity to shoot Sun Devil sporting events. He has photographed Sun Devils football at Camp T, Tempe practices, Utah, and Colorado while shooting some basketball and baseball as the teams visited Utah. Now that Kevin resides in Flagstaff, he is looking forward to reigniting the family tradition of Camp T with his wife and son. Kevin is also the VP of the ASU Alumni Association Flagstaff club.

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