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Life with Little Sun Devils

If your family is anything like mine, your children were likely born Sun Devils. Raising little Sun Devils is awesome, rewarding and fun but can also pose challenges when it comes to ASU football. In the next couple editions of Outside the Tines, we take a look at some of the things we experience as devoted Sun Devil football fans who are also parents.

Watching night games at home:

Last week’s phenomenal #JaelMary play to gain the Sun Devils an inspiring victory at USC is the perfect example of watching a game at home with little Devils. Now living in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, staying up to watch sporting events that begin in the late afternoon or early evening in the Pacific Time Zone can be tough. We choose those most important to us, I suppose, for some it’s the current baseball playoffs. For me, it’s Sun Devil football and Monday Night Football, if I have a nail biting fantasy football match-up happening.

Despite the ASU vs USC game beginning at 4:30pm PST, it was still far past my kids’ bedtimes by halftime. We let the six year old devoted Sun Devil watch the game on the couch until he fell asleep, which was maybe the second quarter, while our little girl was fast asleep in her bed.

I can watch a game quietly, no matter my state of happiness or disgust depending on what’s happening in the game. This is especially true later at night as the struggle between sleep and football is taking place subconsciously and when my kids are asleep.

My husband, Marc, like many male football watching men out there, is much more verbal with his reactions even if there is a kid asleep on the couch next to him. I admire the passion, however, not the idea of kids waking in the wee hours of the morning.

This week, the Bercovici-to-Strong hail mary was one of the most excited Sun Devil football reactions I’ve seen from Marc in the last 16 seasons. And, when I say excited, I mean jumping up and down, screaming, excited. I am sure his reaction was much like many others watching the game and many with sleeping children in the house. Fortunately, my daughter stayed asleep in her bed and my son just tossed and turned on the couch. But, what about the less fortunate moms out there? The ones whose super excited husbands woke the sleeping children?

Here’s my take on it, granted, if my children were the ones that woke, maybe I’d react differently. One of the best plays in Sun Devil Football history just happened, so it’s worth it. It may not seem like it at the time, with crying children, but your husband’s elation is worth it. Usually, I apply the you wake ‘em, you take ‘em method with my kids, but in cases like this, let the man enjoy it. The best thing you can do is comfort the kids back to sleep. And, maybe you can hope for an IOU one night when a kid wakes sick during the night.

If your house is anything like mine, then the hours following an incredible game ending go something like ours did on Saturday night. The man is screaming and cheering and jumping up and down. His phone is “blowing up’ with texts. Facebook and twitter are on overload with fellow Sun Devils reacting. He is calling his dad back in Phoenix to talk about how awesome the play was. Only for a few moments, though, as he has to see the post game coverage. But, wait, we are in Toronto, where the coverage ends immediately. So, the awesome wife finds the KTAR sports radio show online so we can listen to the post game while we watch rest of the Pac-12 games on tv or online. I continue to go in and out of sleep during those games because, once all are done, it’s after 2:30am EST. But, it’s worth it. His happiness for those hours. We have all been there post devastating games, post embarrassing games and dealt with the unhappiness and some anger, so we should also bask in the excitement.

Yes, we will have to wake with kids early in the morning. Maybe with a husband who’s lost his voice or has a sore throat from screaming. On a side note, my best home remedy for a sore throat is a teaspoon of honey with a dash of cinnamon on it (for kids over one year to adults); you’re welcome fellow moms.

So, my morning started a little earlier than I would’ve preferred Sunday, with hungry kids, up at 7, as usual, and one playing soccer in a couple hours. We got through it as parents, kids fed and dressed, showed them the #JaelMary play several times online, headed to the soccer game, with a Starbucks stop for some caffeine for mom and dad and went about our day. And, you know what, it was an awesome day. Maybe a bit lazy and more tired than usual, but worth every moment of being up late for Sun Devil football.

Join me next week for more on life with Little Sun Devils…focus on taking them to home games and on road trips for away games.

Photo taken by ASU Alumni Association.

About Amanda Blagg

Amanda Blagg

Amanda is a 2002 Arizona State graduate. When she began at ASU in 1998, so began her love of Sun Devil football. She and her husband, also an ASU alum, have had football season tickets since then and travel to road games every season. They are currently raising two little Sun Devils. Her eight year old son was born a Devil; he began singing the fight song before bed when he was two. Some of her son's happiest moments have been on the field at the spring games; when Coach Graham tweeted a photo of him and when he got to meet Coach Graham at the Utah game in 2013. The Sun Devil Pride & Passion runs deeply in the Blagg family and Amanda strives to share her passion with you in Outside the Tines.

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