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One of my favorite parts of Sun Devil football has always been tailgating for home games. I am the girl who enjoys party planning inclusive of themes and all the details, so tailgates are no different. For those of you aren’t as excited as I am about planning a tailgate, complete with themed food, drinks, games and music, I have you covered. In the coming weeks, I’ll share tailgating ideas and recipes. You’ll have one convenient place, Outside the Tines with Amanda, to help plan your parking lot parties!

This week, I’m sharing Sun Devil inspired tailgate drinks and food for Saturday’s pre-game festivities before ASU takes on Utah. So, pick your favorites, grab the ingredients, mix it up strong and get your Sun Devil on.

Sun Devil inspired Shots:

Sun Devil Shot: 1/2 Malibu (for the sun) & 1/2 ice-cold Fireball (for the devil); I know this doesn’t sound necessarily pleasant; I came up with the recipe last season and my group did several rounds at a tailgate with positive reviews

Sparky Shot: 1/2 Fireball & 1/2 sweet tea bourbon; shake with ice and strain into a shot glass

Devil’s Spit: 1.5 oz Fireball & Tabasco sauce to taste; shake with ice and strain into shot glass

Sparky Sour: 1/2 Fireball & 1/2 sour mix; shake with ice and strain into shot glass

Devil Amazeballs: 4 parts Fireball & 1 part Amaretto; shake with ice and strain into shot glass

Sparky’s Kiss: 1 oz Fireball & 1/2 oz cranberry juice; shake with ice and strain into shot glass

For the Devil who prefers beer:

Devil’s Ale; San Tan Brewing Co.: Deep golden maroon in color, Devil’s Ale is defined by as delicious citrus hop character derived from Cascade and Centennial hops grown in the Pacific Northwest and balanced firm caramel malt flavor

Hop Devil Ale; Victory Brewing Co.: Bold, spicy and Menacingly Delicious™, this American hopped India Pale Ale offers an aromatic punch and then follows through with a lasting, full-bodied finish provided by quality German malts

Backdraft: 1.5 oz shot of Fireball chased with a small cup of Guinness beer

Devil’s Cut® Bourbon Whiskey by Jim Beam®

Devil’s Cut® is a 90 proof robust, premium bourbon with deep color, aroma and character. Its flavor is full-bodied with intense oak and vanilla. Enjoy it simply neat, on the rocks, as a shot or mixed with Cola. Or, try one of these Devil inspires recipes:

Devil without a Cause: 1.5 parts Devil’s Cut® bourbon, ginger ale to fill the glass & 2 dashes bitters

Devil Punch: 2 parts Devil’s Cut® bourbon, 1 part pomegranate liquor; 2 parts pineapple juice & 1 part cranberry juice: build over ice and add a squeezed lemon or lime wedge

Dancing with the Devil: 1 part Devil’s Cut® bourbon, 1/2 part triple sec, 1 part lemon sour, 1 part passion fruit juice, 1-2 dashes Tabasco sauce: shake with ice and strain over ice

The Bloody Devil: 1.5 parts Devil’s Cut® bourbon, 4 parts tomato juice, 5 dashes Worcestershire, 4 dashes Tabasco sauce, fresh ground pepper, 3 dashes onion salt, 2 dashes garlic salt: Mix all ingredients, roll with ice, pour into glass

Other Devilish Drinks:

Sparky Cider: 1.5 oz Fireball & 12 oz hard cider of your choice

Hot Devil Cider: Equal parts Fireball & hot apple cider

And, one of my favorites, Balls of Fire: 1 small jar of maraschino cherries: Empty juice and fill with Fireball; chill overnight. Eat them at the tailgate or, bring them frozen and add them to any cocktail for some Devil firepower

To accompany the Sun Devil inspired drinks of your choice and balance out that alcohol, add one of these amped up recipes for, what else, but (Sun)Deviled Eggs.

Sun Deviled Eggs:

6 hard-boiled eggs, cooled, cut lengthwise; 1 ripe avocado; 1 t fresh lime juice; 1/4 tsp salt; 1/4 t onion powder; 1 t minced garlic; 2 t finely chopped cilantro; paprika (makes 12 deviled eggs)

Remove egg yolks, placing them in small bowl & reserving whites; to yolks, add avocado, lime juice, salt, onion powder, garlic & cilantro; use fork to mash until smooth; spoon mixture into halved egg whites; sprinkle with paprika

Southwest Deviled Eggs:

1 dozen large hard-boiled eggs, cooled, cut lengthwise; 2 avocados, diced; 1 tomato, chopped; 1/4 t cumin; 2 t lemon juice; salt; 1 jalapeño, diced; 1/3 c queso fresco, crumbled (makes 24 deviled eggs)

Remove egg yolks, placing them in bowl & reserving whites; to yolks, add avocado & mash with fork until blended; add tomatoes, cumin, lime juice & salt to taste; spoon mixture into egg whites; top with queso fresco & sliced jalapeño

Sparky’s Deviled Egg Dip:

2 T yellow mustard; 1/2 c mayo; 5 large hard-boiled, cooled eggs; 1 T white vinegar; 1 t Frank’s Red Hot sauce; 4 oz bacon; 1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese; crackers for dipping

Fry bacon to crisp; drain & crumble; in a large bowl, mix mayo, mustard, hot sauce, vinegar, cheese & bacon; in a small bowl, use fork to mash eggs into chunks add eggs to mayo mixture; stir; serve with crackers for dipping

Planning on trying one of these suggestions before the Sun Devils vs Utes game? Tweet us your review of the recipe @ASUdevilsden using #outsidethetines. We appreciate your feedback, support and Sun Devil Pride.

About Amanda Blagg

Amanda Blagg

Amanda is a 2002 Arizona State graduate. When she began at ASU in 1998, so began her love of Sun Devil football. She and her husband, also an ASU alum, have had football season tickets since then and travel to road games every season. They are currently raising two little Sun Devils. Her eight year old son was born a Devil; he began singing the fight song before bed when he was two. Some of her son's happiest moments have been on the field at the spring games; when Coach Graham tweeted a photo of him and when he got to meet Coach Graham at the Utah game in 2013. The Sun Devil Pride & Passion runs deeply in the Blagg family and Amanda strives to share her passion with you in Outside the Tines.

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