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Arizona sports fans are fickle. Most people living in The Valley are from somewhere else. They still support their “home teams”. Except when an Arizona team is doing well. Take the current Cardinals with a 9-1 record for example, or the World Series year for the Diamondbacks. As a city, greater Phoenix gets behind their teams when they are winning.

So, what happens when ASU drops from the top 10 in the polls? The fickle Arizona fans are less excited, less verbally supportive. We don’t claim to be any better or more loyal than any other fans. When other team fans claim this, I see it two ways, either they’re just spewing trash talk, which I can appreciate, or they are egotistical and ignorant enough to believe it and, well, hopefully that ignorance is blissful. I’ve lived in Chicago with Cubs fans, Wisconsin with Green Bay fans and now Toronto with Leafs fans. Trust me, these are some of the most loyal fans on Earth and that loyalty speaks for itself. Growing up a Cubs fan, I well know the heartbreak of losing year after year, but the loyalty doesn’t shift.

As a completely loyal ASU football fan, I’m not angered nor disappointed by the fickle Arizona fans. When the Sun Devils are playing well, the greater support in The Valley is fantastic for the University. Sure, it brings in money from higher ticket and apparel sales but more importantly, it also helps spread the word about the Sun Devils beyond Arizona. When ASU is winning, there is more social media buzz, especially when we win big games a la USC and Notre Dame. Case in point, imagine my surprise, when at LA Fitness in greater Toronto yesterday morning, I overheard guys talking about ASU football. Of course, I inquired and they were Canadians talking about ASU football. I find this awesome, partly because there were people here talking about something other than hockey and also because we are getting International recognition. So, let the Arizona fans be fickle, let them support ASU more strongly when they’re winning and help spread the word about Sun Devil football. In the mean time, die-hard Devils like me will continue to bleed maroon and gold season after season and in true ASU alumni fashion, win or lose, we will still booze.

Speaking of boozing, with the last home game of the season upon us, let the breakfast tailgating begin. Day game tailgates, complete with mimosas, screwdrivers and bloody mary’s are my favorite. As you plan your breakfast pre-gaming, here are some ideas to get the menus flowing.

Choose one or two entrée items from the following: chicken & waffles, biscuits & gravy, breakfast burritos, omelets, pancakes

Plus at least two sides: bacon, sausage, ham, hash browns, Toast, bagels

Add fruit and baked goods like muffins or donuts

For beverages, grab to-go boxes of Starbucks coffee and assorted juices; don’t forget the staples for stereotypical morning alcoholic beverages: mix ins for the coffee like Bailey’s or Klaus, champagne for mimosas, vodka for screwdrivers, and the necessities for bloody mary’s. The classic bloody mary recipe: 46oz tomato juice, 6oz vodka, 1/3 c fresh lemon juice, 1/4 Worcestershire sauce, 1 T black pepper, 2 t cayenne pepper, 1/2 T celery salt, 5 dashes hot sauce like Tabasco, ice: In a large pitcher, stir together all the ingredients except ice. Serve in ice-filled glasses and garnish each with a lemon wedge. Or, in my honor, put a Canadian twist on your bloody mary with the famous Canadian classic, the Caesar: 1.5oz vodka, Calmato juice, 3 dashes Tabasco® sauce, 3 dashes Worcestershire sauce: Line the rim of a glass with salt and pepper. Over ice, add vodka, fill with Clamato juice, then add the remaining ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick. Add more tabasco sauce if desired.

For the perfect season ending parking lot party, be sure to break out the tailgate games. Beer pong, flip cup, bags/cornhole and ladder ball are among the favorites.

May loyal ASU football fans lucky enough to enter Sun Devil Stadium on Saturday enjoy the sunny and 70s Saturday, cheering for a big Sun Devil victory at home for the last time this season. Much of Sun Devil Nation, now living throughout the globe, will be watching Saturday’s game on television, maybe even with a view of falling snow in the background. No matter where we are watching the game, one thing is certain, we may have lost the fickle fan support, but we certainly didn’t lose our drive to pre-game hard be it at home or in a parking lot in Tempe, nor will we ever waver in our love of Sun Devil football, win or lose.

About Amanda Blagg

Amanda Blagg

Amanda is a 2002 Arizona State graduate. When she began at ASU in 1998, so began her love of Sun Devil football. She and her husband, also an ASU alum, have had football season tickets since then and travel to road games every season. They are currently raising two little Sun Devils. Her eight year old son was born a Devil; he began singing the fight song before bed when he was two. Some of her son's happiest moments have been on the field at the spring games; when Coach Graham tweeted a photo of him and when he got to meet Coach Graham at the Utah game in 2013. The Sun Devil Pride & Passion runs deeply in the Blagg family and Amanda strives to share her passion with you in Outside the Tines.

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