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PAC-12 Prediction Time : 2012


I’m always amused in my observations of prognosticators forming their predictions on websites, newspapers, television, magazines, and radio.  Some companies put them out there way early, just towards the end of spring camp in some instances.  Think about that for a minute, do you think you could really form an educated opinion of a college football team after 15 practices, if that?  With no word of how incoming freshman will do (see D.J. Foster) that have yet to graduate from high school.  No way of knowing how junior college players will pan out, or even if they will make the grade.  But, these are the times we live in.  Competition for publications and media outlets are fierce, and we expect to be educated as much as possible in the shortest amount of time so we can go on with our day.

So with that in mind, Don Hansen and I have sat down, after talking with reporters, columnists, and bloggers from 10 other PAC-12 teams (thank you Washington State) to take our stab at who we think will finish where, who the stars will be both the guys who have been there before, and the ones that are just getting started.  Not to mention the coach who has the best shot of doing the best job by the time the end of November rolls around.

Plenty of journalists and personalities get paid good money to share their advice on how they think this conference will shape up in its second year of its new post-expansion alignment will shake up.  In the next 24 hours or so, you’ll see ours as well.  Just remember who gets the paycheck, and who doesn’t when you are done reading please.

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