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Sun Devil Stats Notebook


The “Sun Devil Stats Notebook” series looks at some key statistics throughout the 2014 Sun Devil season.




Here are some key takeaways when looking at the polls:

  • Arizona did jump Arizona State in the AP Poll, but overall, both schools, Arizona State and Arizona, did not make a major move in the poll even though they won conference road games this past weekend.
  • After a loss, both the AP and the Coaches Poll voters drop Pac-12 teams by an average of nine spots.
  • Nine of the twelve Pac-12 teams have been ranked at some point during the season.
  • The College Football Playoff will release its first rankings tonight, October 28, at 6:30 PM CT on ESPN. As of right now, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State control their own destiny. If any of those four teams win out, there is no reason to think they will not be included in the final four of the CFP.

Cumulative Team Stats

playcallsDue to the amazing gusts of wind up in Washington this past Saturday night, the Sun Devils rushed the ball 43 times. The rushing data is trending upward to where Todd Graham team’s have been his entire head coaching career (53%-55% run / 45-47% pass) with multiple offensive coordinators.

qbpassdisThe production out of the tight end spot continues to be a sore point with this offense. The tight end/h-back position in this offense is used to create mismatches all over the field, but more importantly, a dependable tight end can keep offensive drives moving. Chris Coyle was Taylor Kelly’s best friend early in his college career, and the major strength of the Kelly to Coyle combination was the short to intermediate pass routes. These tight end pass routes, when executed correctly, are extremely difficult to defend since big, fast tight ends force defenders to have to play through their body to get the ball. This was a very underrated aspect of Coyle’s game as he ran these type of routes and kept drives moving.


The tackles for loss distribution across the defense remains essentially the same from the past two weeks although the magnitude of each unit increased significantly as the Sun Devils had 13 tackles for loss against the Washington Huskies, their highest amount of the season. With nine new defensive starters this season, the Sun Devils defensive is now ranked NINTH in the nation with 7.86 tackles for loss per game. That number is higher than last season’s 7.21 tackles for loss per game which was 18th in the nation.

Week by Week Trending Metrics

The following line graphs continue to track important offensive and defensive metrics for the Sun Devils. With the severe swirling winds, the offensive metrics for passing can be ignored this week, but the rushing metric needs to be examined. After a terrific start to the season, the offensive unit must make significant strides in its rushing attack. The Sun Devils are currently 46th in the nation in average yards per rushing attempt. An increase in production to approximately 5.0 yards per rushing attempt will put the Sun Devils into the top 30 in the nation in that category, and it would help open up the creative playbook for offensive coordinator Mike Norvell.

Defensively, the Arizona State should see a huge increase in this week’s Defensive Stat-Pac since the Sun Devils recorded their highest amount of tackles for loss and sacks on the season. The three forced turnovers also tied a 2014 season high.


defmetricsWhat other statistics do you want to see us look into? Post a message below and let us know.

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