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Weekly Stat-Pac: Offense Week 6


Here is Week Number Six of our weekly Stat-Pac look at the conference’s offenses. Last week saw a high of 812 total yards gained by Washington State and a low of 205 total yards by Stanford. There was almost 120 points scored by the Bears and the Cougars in a game that didn’t need any overtime to reach that amount. Last week also saw UCLA and Oregon give up 17 sacks between them. No other team had given up more than five in a game this season. It was also a week in which six of the eleven teams playing didn’t give up a turnover. It was a very interesting week.

It’s All About the Score

There’s now a new leader in scoring this week, which also happens to be the leader in the North Division; the Cal Bears averaging a whooping 50 points per game. Oregon has dropped to second with 44 points per game, while the Sun Devils hold down third place at 41 points per game. Arizona is the highest scoring second half team with 125 points. They are scoring almost two-thirds of their points in the second half. The Stanford Cardinal, on the other hand has only scored 42 second half points, which is only one-third of their total points. The USC Trojans had only given up three touchdowns and 23 points in the second half of their first four games gave up three touchdowns and 23 points to ASU in the second half last week.

Week 6 O Score

Offense by the Yard

There is a new leader in total offense this week with the Washington State Cougars taking the lead with their 812-yard performance against the Cal Bears. That is almost a half a mile in a single game. The Wildcats are now second with the Sun Devils third. Five conference teams still average over 500 yards per game, while three teams are averaging under 400 yards per game; Oregon State, Stanford and Washington. The eleven teams that played last week averaged over 472 yards in total offense each.

Week 6 O Yards

First Downs

The Arizona Wildcats are tops in gaining first downs at 29.0 per game, while the Stanford Cardinal gain the fewest first downs at only 19.8 per game. Washington State is second at 28.2 first downs per game, while ASU is third with 27.4 per game. On a per play basis, the Oregon Ducks are the best with a first down once every 2.7 plays, while the Utah Utes gain the fewest per play at one every 3.7 plays. The Utes have now seen three straight weeks of fewer than 20 first downs.

Week 6 O First

Third Time’s a Charm?

With six games in the books, the Colorado Buffaloes have converted the most first downs in third down situations. They have also had the most chances to convert being the only conference team with over 100 chances. As far as the success rate at converting third down chances, Cal and Oregon have both converted 50 percent of their opportunities. At the other end of the scale, the Oregon State Beavers are only converting one-in-three third down chances at 33.9 percent. The Stanford Cardinal is not a whole lot better at only a 39.4 percent success rate. They are the only two conference teams converting less than 40 percent of their third down chances.

Week 6 O Third

Average Yards for and Against

Oregon and Stanford still lead the conference in the net positive difference between the yards gained per play and the yards given up per play at 2.0. Three teams have more than a 1.0 net positive yard difference, and three teams, Colorado, USC and Washington all give up more yards per play than they gain. The Oregon Ducks gain the most yards per play at 7.7, with Cal second at 7.3 and ASU third at 7.2 yards per play. ASU lead the conference in giving up the most yards per play at 6.1 per play, with Colorado and USC tied for second giving up 6.0 yards per play. Stanford gives up the fewest yards at only 3.7 yards per play. That is ASU’s next opponent. The Sun Devils average almost twice as many yards gained per play as the Stanford Cardinal gives up. It will be interesting to see what gives then.

Week 6 O Avg_Yard

Sack It Up!

There were more sacks given up this week than any of the previous weeks by far thanks to the ten-sack performance by Utah against the UCLA Bruins. That performance helped the Bruins stay on top in the number of sacks given up per pass. The Bruins have now given up a sack once every 6.8 passes. Oregon is not that far behind in giving up seven sacks against Arizona and now gives up a sack once every 9.9 passes. You have to take your hat off to the ASU offensive line having a backup quarterback in obvious passing situations for the last two games and only giving up a sack once every 38.0 passes for those two games. The surprise leader in the conference in keeping their quarterback upright the most on a per pass basis is the Colorado Buffaloes at a sack only once every 37.0 passes. The Washington State Cougars are second giving up a sack once every 30.9 passes. ASU is third with a sack every 28.6 passes for the season.

Week 6 O Sacks

Turnover Beethoven

Two teams are now tied with the most turnovers in the conference Washington State and Stanford. The Cougars finally got through a game this year without a turnover, while Stanford turned it over twice to Norte Dame last week. So far this year, the Stanford Cardinal has lost seven fumbles in five games. USC has not had a turnover since it opening game against Fresno State. Washington is also a team that has only had one game this year where it lost a turnover, and leads the conference with the fewest turnovers at one in losing a fumble against Illinois in Week 3. Last week saw the fewest number of turnovers in the conference with only eight by the eleven teams playing.

Week 6 O Turnover

Red Zoning In

The Washington State Cougars have had the most red zone chances in getting into their opponents’ red zones 5.83 times per game. They also lead the conference in scoring from the red zone at 3.83 red zone touchdowns per game. UCLA is at the other end of the scale by getting into their opponents’ red zones only 3.00 times per game. That’s roughly half of the number of times the Cougars get into the red zone. The good news for the Bruins is that although they don’t visit the red zone that often, their success rate in scoring a touchdown once they reach the red zone is the best in the conference at 80 percent. The Stanford Cardinal has the lowest rate of success in scoring touchdowns from their opponents’ red zones at only a 47.6 percent success rate. They are the only team under 50 percent. The Oregon State Beavers stand at exactly 50 percent. The Arizona Wildcats is next lowest at 52.2 percent rate at scoring touchdowns from their opponents’ red zones.

Week 6 O  Red_Zone


It was a topsy-turvy weekend of Pac-12 football, as well as Power 5 football. Arizona stunned Oregon, ASU stunned USC on a Jael Mary pass. WSU put up 812 yards and LOST! The Bruins give up ten sacks at the Rose Bowl. Cal is now the leader in the North. Stanford is tied for the lead in giving away the football. UCLA has given up more than twice as many sacks as it has thrown touchdown passes this year. Can’t wait to see what happens next week. ASU and three other teams are on a bye week, but there will still be lots of action.

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